The Pole method is our signpost

The Pole Method was created by Marek Kamiński based on his extensive travels, polar expeditions, and life experiences where he often reached the limit of his mental and physical fitness.

The method offers specific tools that support both the mental and physical resilience of young people and assist them in achieving their life goals.

Pole method

The Pole method propagates personal development and sets its participants on a journey of self-exploration. The Pole is a symbol – a clearly defined goal that can be reached in 5 practical steps. The key to unlocking our goals are our dreams, that often at first seem impossible to reach.

The Pole Method therefore helps to unleash one’s potential and creativity by offering proven tools, techniques and training that lead to achieving tangible and lasting results.

Praca nad projektem podopiecznyc fundacji Marka kamińskiego

Step 1 - Discover your Pole

“To me, the Pole is everything that sets me in motion. You also carry it inside of yourself and it’s up to you to discover what it is.”

The Pole is your goal, destination, dream, something you strive for. It is part of you, waiting to be discovered and expressed. How do you discover what it is? It is best to take a close look at yourself and ask questions like: Who am I? What is the most important thing in life for me? Where am I going? What are my aspirations? What is calling me?

Step 2 - Create a Road Map

Our inner strength lies in the ability to create tangible scenarios. If you dream about something, think about how to achieve it step by step. Then do it.

With your goal in mind, it is time to prepare your road map. Meanwhile, visualization of “tipping points” (possible difficulties and obstacles) can be useful in order to get familiar with them ahead of time. Also think: what knowledge and skills do I need for such an expedition?

Step 3 - The journey is important, not the goal

The most important thing is the journey and what we learn about both ourselves and the world in this process.

The journey starts the moment you set off and take the first step. The goal is ahead of you and the journey to achieve it is of great value. Yourself, your goal, and the path you follow become one. To enjoy your path is as essential as aiming for the goal. And the goal you hold is within you.

Step 4 - Two poles. Success and failure

On our path to reaching our goal we usually face both success and failure.

Neither is good nor bad, both are just mere experiences. At times success can also turn into failure – if we decide to take pride in ourselves – we can harm ourselves and others in the process. Hence success can sometimes be more deceptive than failure.

Step 5 - Know yourself

Personal transformation is the ultimate goal of the journey. All the lessons learned along the way stay with us for life while reaching a goal is just a mere moment in time.

Who were you at the start of this journey and who are you now? How has this adventure changed you? What have you learned about yourself? Have you noticed any radical transformation? What kind of reality will you create now? What values ​​and beliefs have become your mantra? Do they lead your way now?